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Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day as a day to recognize the significant strides we have made so far in ensuring #equalityforall. At the same time, we assess and look forward with the resolve that we can always do better. It is a reminder for each Opteamizer to continue to make a difference by confronting stereotypes, broadening perceptions, speaking out, improving conditions, and celebrating women’s achievements in the field.

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness, and what better day to acknowledge the achievements of our women colleagues and thank them for making Opteamix a special place, than on International Women’s Day. Our Women’s Day celebration on the 8th of March this year took place at our new delivery center in Bengaluru, India, where the women employees of Opteamix were treated to a day of fun, gifts, and well-deserved relaxation. The theme for this year’s event was based on the importance of self-care as a majority of women are known to put the needs of everyone else first, to be resilient, independent, self-sacrificing, and have unwavering strength, often forgetting to make time for themselves.

The special day began with presenting the women with flowers and chocolates, setting the tone for the rest of the day. A scrumptious lunch was served by the men of Opteamix, followed by a fun-filled afternoon of games and exciting activities that left everyone in splits. The icing on the cake came towards the end of the event when the women of Opteamix were treated to a relaxing spa session. Our female colleagues were left feeling loved, appreciated, and rejuvenated – the perfect end to the special day!

With everything going on in the world, celebrating International Women’s Day together this year felt more poignant and more important than ever.  The Opteamix culture embraces equality, diversity, and inclusion as essential aspects of our daily work, and this helps us create a future centered on innovation and empowerment. This is the future we at Opteamix are building within our organization and the technology industry.  

Over the years, we have successfully reduced the gender disparity by providing the right factors that encourage women to be a part of an industry that is typically viewed as male-dominated. Factors such as the presence of role models in leadership positions, mentorship programs, executive skill sponsorship, fair pay, workplace inclusion, and the flexibility to parent while employed, have all contributed to closing the gender gap in technology at Opteamix. When we all work together towards progress, we all win – our Opteamizers, our clients and their customers, and more importantly, the communities we work in!  

If you are or know any #WomenInTech interested in jumpstarting their career with Opteamix through our women 2.0 initiative, write to us at Our women 2.0 program is tailor-made for women looking to relaunch their career post a break, sabbatical, or for other personal reasons. Opteamix offers upskilling and reskilling programs for talented women to harness their potential and return to a career in tech. 

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