Application Development

Foster an intuitive, inclusive approach to app authoring.

Scalability, stability, security, and usability of an application have never been more pertinent than they have been today. Now more than ever, businesses must focus on developing and maintaining enterprise-class applications using future-ready technologies and architecture that help businesses move from traditional IT to a Digital Enterprise. At Opteamix, we offer end-to-end Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services to meet the needs of organizations of every size and enable them to compete and succeed in today’s digital world. Opteamix helps organizations gain an edge by optimizing a strategic balance of “People, Process, and Technology” to achieve desired business objectives.

Our Services

Product Development

At Opteamix, we employ a holistic approach to software development by understanding customer needs and providing application development services through collaboration. We help take the product from ideation to development and finally to the market.

Custom Application Development

At Opteamix, we understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each business and do not use a singular approach to develop applications. Whether it is a start-up, enterprise, or ISV, we have a comprehensive range of custom application development services that help build business-focused applications.

Application Support and Maintainance

Opteamix Application Support and Maintenance Services focuses on strategic digital initiatives while maintaining and supporting applications after the development is completed.

System Integration

At Opteamix, we integrate disparate technology products and applications, including legacy platforms and digital solutions, to implement innovative solutions.

Application Modernization

Opteamix transforms legacy software and applications leveraging the latest architectures, languages, frameworks, and platforms.


Achieve sustainable performance through high scalability, operational excellence, and reliability.

Prioritize quick prototype releases, updates, and iterations.

Leverage our accelerators and frameworks that help reduce the time to market

Create mobile and web applications that offer a great user experience even when there is live streaming, the load is high, or there are thousands of users.

Our Approach

At Opteamix, we design and develop applications and digital products that perform diverse functions and meet your business requirements. We combine our industry knowledge to build business solutions, and this, combined with our proprietary frameworks and solution accelerators, helps achieve a faster time to market. Our customized business applications ensure improved customer experience and enhance ROI while reducing your cost of developing and maintaining applications. We believe in using a proven approach toward custom application development and support driven by today’s digital transformation needs.

Our Application Development Expert

Rafi Mohammed

VP – Delivery

Rafi possesses a strong business acumen for leveraging technology with a focus to bring in business innovation and operational efficiency through effective architectural design including RPA, Testing, and enterprise-level Application Development, among a few. He provides strategic direction in User Experience through design thinking, selection of Engineering and Design applications, and setting up an in-house TCoE.