Break barriers by empowering teams to build, iterate, and deploy apps faster than ever.

DevOps automation empowers businesses to match the changing dynamics of the digital world by improving agility, predictability, and delivery speed of their core business processes. Our DevOps services are crafted to accelerate business transformation processes through an optimized delivery cycle focused on reducing the cost of operations. Our DevOps consultants use their expertise to seamlessly weave continuous delivery concepts, testing, feedback, and collaboration to transforming the application lifecycle.

Our Services

DevOps Consulting Services

Opteamix offers an all-encompassing solution to resolve IT issues within organizations. Our DevOps consulting services help businesses overcome the inefficiencies caused by slow, outdated automated testing processes and time-consuming infrastructure modifications. Our best practices create a productive work environment that yields faster ROI.

DevOps Infrastructure

Opteamix uses years of expertise to fill in the gaps in business processes that result in poor infrastructure management, such as differences in the configuration of development, testing, and production ecosystems. Our team of experts incorporates infrastructure as a code (IaaC) to help companies move quickly toward building innovative solutions for their customers, and building their own brands.

Build & Release Management

DevOps Build and Release management is an integral part of the software development process. Opteamix is equipped with a technically sound team that infuses agility into the software coding process via a custom build-and-release management structure.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous integration and delivery play an integral role in detecting errors at an early stage of product development. At Opteamix, we use best-in-class DevOps CI/CD tools resulting in improved time management and instant, actionable feedback. All of this contributes to a productive software development process.

DevOps Automation

Opteamix believes in the power of automation and understands how and when to deploy DevOps automation strategies and appropriate tools. Our team uses DevOps automation for mundane, repetitive tasks that take up unnecessary time, and slow down a products’ entire time to market.

DevOps Automated Provisioning

Opteamix ensures businesses get access to optimum computer capacity on demand, and increase overall productivity by reducing manual interventions wherever possible.

Production Support

Opteamix always goes the extra mile to apply DevOps practices that enable faster delivery of IT solutions, improving both overall time-to-market and profits for our customers.

Our Approach

Backed by years of hands-on experience, Opteamix delivers end-to-end DevOps solutions and services that span the complete application life cycle. Our DevOps solutions are designed to automate and standardize development and operational tasks enabling businesses to reap maximum ROI out of their DevOps investment.

Tools and Platforms

Our DevOps Expert

Yashasvi Raykar

VP – Innovation and Technology Consulting

Yashasvi is responsible for business development, account management, and stewardship of new and existing partnerships. He routinely works with global companies to design tailored end-to-end infrastructure and operational support solutions that combine real-world experience, tested technologies, and best practices to maximize the value from data.