Customer Service

Consumers have gone digital. In today’s digital world, the rules of customer engagement are transforming the way organization acquire and retain customers. Technology has transformed the way customers buy and share their experiences. Organizations must swiftly identify, evaluate and capitalize on the right technology trends to overcome these challenges and improve customer experience. Organizations are turning to RPA to help accelerate customer-impacting changes and streamlining processes that improve customer experience. RPA is helping organizations eliminate redundant customer effort by automating manual, error-prone and repetitive tasks of data entry, navigation, analysis, and sharing information, etc. that have a huge impact on customer engagement.

Sample Process

Customer Onboarding

RPA facilitates the process of customer onboarding including performing KYC and other related checks. It can combine multichannel capabilities and automate workflows, thereby improving the customer experience.

Self Service

RPA combined with chatbots and AI can help organization to implement a responsive, round the clock self-service option that spans a range of typically complex, time consuming, manually intensive and/or error-susceptible processes across multiple systems.

Compliant Management

RPA can be used to automate elements of the complaint management process by implementing alerts for new complaints, automated responses, prioritization, allocation, resolution and closure.

Contact Center Management

RPA can be used to streamline the customer support process by helping agents navigate through multiple disconnected systems, channels and databases when managing their interactions with a single customer.

Customer Experience

RPA, AI and Chatbots can be used to significantly improve customer experience by transforming pain points into opportunities. It can be used to understand customer preferences and use it provide personalized and relevant service on time.


RPA can be leveraged to completely transform the way organizations interact, communicate, connect and engage with their customers. It helps open up new channels of communication existing systems to foster greater customer engagement.

Applications of RPA

Sales Order Processing

Letters of Credit Processing


Eligibility Determination