Sales & Marketing

Increasing volatility and an uncertain macro environment have increased the complexity of doing business, globally. Over the past few years, consumer habits have changed, resulting in organizations trying to improve the selling power of a business leveraging technological advancements to succeed in the altered customer purchasing landscape. RPA is helping organizations in building the sales pipeline and engaging with their customers. Given that most of the sales and marketing professionals spend their time on administrative or operational tasks including internal coordination, market research, CRM updates, reporting, follow-ups, etc. RPA has been a very effective tool in automating mundane and repetitive tasks across the sales life cycle allowing more time for revenue generation activities.

Sample Process


RPA along with AI helps sales professionals in predicting future sales accurately by automating tasks related to data gathering, manipulation, presentation and analysis.

Customer Relationship Management

RPA can be leveraged to maintaining the CRM system by automating tasks such as updating customer info, customer ticket tracking, customer quotes, order tracking, shipment tracking, contract expiration, tracking, notification, etc.

Market / Client Research

RPA can be used to conduct research about the market / client to improve sales. It can be used to gather insights such as market conditions, competitor pricing, client preferences, etc. that help the sales team in saving a significant number of hours.

Campaign Management

RPA can be used to bring in efficiency in campaign by automating manual tasks such as data collection and preparation. It helps bring clarity in determining campaign goals, ascertaining the budget and identifies sales channels that require improvement.

Brand Monitoring

RPA can be used to improve Brand Monitoring by automating tasks such as searching for copyright infringements, counterfeiting, unauthorized use of your intellectual property, which help in mitigating damage to brand reputation and prevent revenue losses.

Lead Generation

RPA is helping markets generate more leads by automating lead generation tasks such as online behavior tracking, automating email response, publishing content, collect lead lists, etc.

Applications of RPA

Sales Order Processing

Letters of Credit Processing


Eligibility Determination