Disruptive innovation in the retail business landscape has resulted in the way that consumers interact with retailers. The level of service that consumers expect is evolving at a dramatic pace. It has become imperative for retailers to fundamentally change the way they do business in order to stay relevant for the digital age. RPA has been one of major technology solutions that the retail industry has leverages to deliver transformational customer experience. By helping execute routine back office tasks such as product scanning, and inventory management faster and more accurately and consistently than humans, to helping retailers in improving data analytics, logistics, supply change management, auditability, and better customer relationship management RPA has extended far beyond basic cost reduction and increased productivity.

Sample Process

Customer Support Management

RPA helps retailers in providing 24×7 customer support and managing records across multiple systems. Right from the moment an order is placed, to delivering the order and collecting feedback, RPA helps keep track and send real time updates to the customer.

Returns Processing

RPA is used by retailers to authorize and process customer returns more quickly and efficiently. The bots are used to update the inventory database and customers’ billing resulting in cost reduction for the business.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

RPA can be used to bring clarity in understanding customer behavior that would help drive effective trade promotions, reduce cart abandonment, product recommendations, follow-up discount codes, manage subscription and loyalty card management.

Sales Analysis

RPA solutions can be used to collect sales data and sales reports that help in providing real-time insight and help the retailers in conducting effective post-mortem analytics to better understand sales patterns.

Order and Payments Processing

RPA is being used to automate order and payments processing by integrating with multiple applications / databases including payment gateways. Right from product selection to payment processing to order placement confirmation the whole cycle can be automated.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

RPA is helpful in efficient management of logistics and supply chain enabling organizations to monitoring inventory levels, shipping the goods from suppliers to consumers and tracking the shipment, including notifying the business at all stages.

Applications of RPA

Sales Order Processing

Letters of Credit Processing


Eligibility Determination