Letters of Credit Processing

Given the unique nature of RPA, it makes them ideal for numerous applications across businesses to complete repetitive and labor-intensive tasks such as sending emails, opening applications, copying and pasting information from one system to another, etc. Today, RPA is poised to change the way organizations conduct business, so we prepared a list of all RPA use cases/application areas.

Sample Process

Invoice Processing

RPA solutions can help in automating not only manual invoice processing activities like downloading attachments, maintaining spreadsheets and updating data, but also in decision making, making accounting entries, updating vendor records and payment processing.

Test Automation

RPA can used to implement automated testing from a user perspective and improve software quality. It can be used not only for regression testing, but also to test business flows. Although similar in nature to Test Automation, RPA comes with more flexibility, stability and is less expensive.

Sales Order Processing

RPA helps power superior customer experience with Sales Order automation. It can be used to automate a sales order from the time of receipt of the order through, exceptional handling, to updating the data in business systems including keeping the customers informed at all stages.

Letters of Credit

RPA can be used to automate the process of issuing a Letter of Credit including checking of the documentation, updating core banking systems, validation, and shipping of documents.


RPA helps auditors reduce paperwork and improving efficiency, by automating the entire process of performing an audit, from engagement to sign-off against pre-established rule and as per auditing standards and regulatory requirements.

Eligibility Determination

RPA can be used to streamline processes related to Eligibility Verification and Retro Eligibility for Medicaid to reduce the claims hitting the collections bucket.

Applications of RPA


Eligibility Determination