UX/UI Design

Bringing your vision to life.

Design, to us, is an experience that continues to live within the heart of the beholder. We believe that the recipe to a great design lies in its ability to speak to the mind and heart. In other words, striking that optimal balance between form and function. UI/UX, as it has popularly come to be known, has its roots in the creator’s ability to empathize with users, understand the product’s objective, and integrate it within the organization’s brand philosophy.

Our Services

Strategic services

UI/UX strategy development
Design specifications
Design benchmarking
Usability testing and audit
Information architecture

DevOps Infrastructure

Concept Sketching / Story Board
Interactive prototypes
Visual design
Interface design
Style guide creation

Application Support and Maintenance

UI Development (HTML5, CSS3, Jscript, jQuery)
Content Management System (Drupal, WordPress)
Mobile app development
Portal development
Integration Support

Our Approach

User story

We have an extensive research team that understands the business’ needs and ties these needs back to the user journey. We then simulate a user’s journey by mapping key attributes of user behavior, and their interactions with a similar product or service.


In this phase, we work together with our clients, establishing experience principles across the product to give it the necessary edge in the market. We encourage marketing teams to take part in this process as we deep dive into the finer aspects of design interaction.


A picture may speak a thousand words, but it takes several lines of brilliant coding to transform an image into being digitally alive. Our UI team comes with a strong design background that holds them in good stead when it comes to translating a mock-up into a desired digital output.


As ideas and concepts are constructed, we describe them to our clients by drawing out sketches and wireframes.


This is where we ‘productize’ our ideas and client inputs. Our top of the line designers come from various walks of life, bringing with them a truly unique set of experiences. We ensure that our designs are functionally strong and emotionally rich, creating a top-notch experience for the user.

Tools and Platforms