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The most successful companies are the ones that invest in their employee’s happiness. At Opteamix, our culture revolves around this very thought – our higher purpose, vision, and core values encapsulate all the factors that ultimately lead to employee happiness.

When people are in a state of happiness at work, they are able to develop their potential, be productive and creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions.

The Four Anchors

Employee happiness and well-being go hand in hand. Employee well-being is about optimizing the ‘health’ of all employees. When we talk about health in this case, it is not only about physical well-being but other aspects of well-being that cannot be ignored when talking about healthy and well-functioning employees.

The following image broadly illustrates how we view employee well-being –

Each of the four anchors encompasses opportunities, potential, and engagement initiatives that are integral to each Opteamizers’ journey and assimilation with Opteamix’s cultural ethos.

Learning and Opportunities for Growth

“Learning” and “Growth” work in tandem toward one’s upskilling and refinement. Our top priority is to bridge the skill gap for Opteamizers to refine their skillsets and further their career. We curate each employee’s career growth plans, providing a roadmap based on current skills and organizational goals. We also provide initial training for our freshers, continuous technical and soft skills training for projects, and skill development programs for various positions. We offer support for certifications that makes employees function at higher productivity levels and suggest workshops to help manage stress. Employees are encouraged to upgrade their skills with our learning module platform that is available for all Opteamizers.

Growth for us is a multifaceted process that we acknowledge and celebrate. Our Rewards and Recognitions program felicitates exceptional contributors for innovating, contributing, delighting clients, showcasing top-grade work ethics, etc. This is done to recognize those who are excelling, encourage them and promote their growth in the company.

Supporting Leadership Aspirations

The best leaders are the ones who are mindful of their influence and guide with purpose. We commend intuitive leaders who efficiently create opportunities for the progress of their team members. By providing aspiring leaders and managers with the needed training beforehand, we ensure powerful ideation and clearer communication between them and their teams. At Opteamix, we give place to leadership opportunities via pan-organization initiatives. These initiatives become touchstones for the level of engagement, ingenuity, and inspiration that an efficient leader should showcase.

Prioritizing Personal Wellness

We believe in a well-rounded engagement of mind, body, and financial security for all our employees. The pandemic made us take stock and devise pertinent work-from-home practices to ease work-life balance challenges. Here are our measures to promote wholesome wellness –

  • We send company-wide reminders for self-care and need prioritization for productivity and methods to switch off from work.
  • Movement sessions through online Zumba and yoga sessions, paired with mindful introspection with meditation.
  • Encouraging networking and “team connects” for better understanding, expectation-setting, and collaboration between members.
  • Pulse check to gauge how our Opteamizers are and take necessary actions.
  • Tie-ups with industry experts, therapists, and counselors to ensure that our Opteamizers prioritize their mental health.
  • Promotion of financial awareness through company-wide workshops.

Supporting Social causes

Our Vision statement of ‘Shaping a brighter tomorrow’ is not limited to building future-ready and sustainable technology but extends to how we treat people around us. We believe in paving a path for a brighter future; thus, philanthropy is second nature to us. By joining hands with our in-house NGO, Right To Live, our Opteamizers can either donate to or volunteer for multiple causes and projects – to uplift the communities in which we work.

From contributing to Right To Live, donating old laptops for children in rural areas, virtual mentoring, and supporting health upliftment campaigns, Opteamix has a long-standing affiliation with working together to build a better tomorrow.

It should come as no surprise that our work style prioritizes employee happiness over all else. To quote our Founder and COO, Raghurama Kote – “We integrate our values into all aspects of our working lives, including our leadership principles – be it through engagement, upskilling, individual necessities and paying it forward. Optimizers shape our culture.”

We make it a point that every employee is empowered to tap into the best of their abilities. We believe that true success will be achieved only when one is genuinely happy with their present condition. Ensuring career growth, competitive remuneration, and vibrant culture is the foundation of Opteamix – an employee-centric company built around employee well-being.

Learn more about our happiness-centered life@Opteamix, by visiting our culture page.

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