UI/UX Modernization: Need of the hour for digital transformation.



A good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of an application give complete control to the users and helps them make the right choices. The UI comprises visual elements such as text, boxes, images, and drop-downs. The UX involves an intuitive arrangement of these elements to facilitate easier navigation and accessibility of the web application. UI attracts users visually, but an effective UX engages and drives the user to keep coming back.

At Opteamix, we believe in creating a seamless and intuitive user journey with our customer-first approach by leveraging the best UI & UX tools. Companies are missing out on potential revenue opportunities due to bad user experience. Modernizing your user experience can transform your business for stakeholders and customers alike. According to Forrester, every dollar invested in User Experience results in a return of $100. That is a return on investment and a stat no organization can afford to ignore.

As businesses and customers become more digitally focused, UI/UX modernization has become an essential part of the transformation journey. To keep up with the ever-changing user experience trends, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and ensure their applications are modernized according to the latest web and mobile app design trends. In this blog, we will explore some of the current UI/UX modernization trends that businesses must be aware of to prepare their business for the future.

User-centric design should be heavily backed by research placing the end user at the center of everything. The design should be built with empathy for the user’s real-world experience and make them feel they are in control throughout the application. Consistency standards and error prevention methods are some guidelines that ensure a well-designed, empathetic user experience. A customer-centric UI/UX will capture your essential moments and transform navigation into a smooth story.

Why does your company need UI/UX modernization?

Building enterprise applications is not only complex but loaded with immense features and functionalities. Simplifying the user journey requires the expertise to understand the user insights. It facilitates the creation of a user-friendly interface, customer delight, better engagement, and improved productivity. Here are some key benefits of UI/UX upgrades:

  • Increased Sales – UI/UX goes beyond making your web and mobile app look nice and pretty. They guide potential customers through the buying process and convince them to buy your products or services.
  • Customer Satisfaction – A great UI design offers clear and intuitive controls and is easy to navigate. A robust app architecture includes simple navigation and compelling content that engages users, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Retention – A fast-loading, intuitive, and visually appealing user interface can keep customers coming back for more. Ensuring customers remain loyal is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue and keep customers satisfied.
  • Simplified User Experience – Simplified user experience help customers to make better purchase decisions. Users today want a faster response, and an intuitive and user-centric UI/UX makes UI/UX upgrade worthwhile.
  • Offers Consistency – User experience and usability are more than just elements. UX and UI bring consistency to the solution by using icons, colors, font sizes, and font styles.
  • Increased Traffic – It takes less than a few seconds for a user to decide whether to stay on the web or app page. Nothing can stop users from becoming loyal clients if it has a stunning design and excellent user experience. It helps in both the acquisition and retention of clients.
  • Cost-Optimization –UI/UX is crucial to reaching business goals while addressing the concerns of users. The cost of UI/UX modernization can be optimized to maintain the compatibility of the changing user interest and technology.

When is the right time for UI/UX modernization?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design services are typically required every two to three years, but they should be done periodically to keep your application updated with changes in user requirements and market demand. It is time for UI/UX modernization when:

  • User engagement decreases.
  • The organization is rebranding itself or its services/products.
  • The organization wants to enter a new market.
  • The organization seeks to add new features or change the user flow.
  • The organization needs to upgrade the app for whatever reason.

Modernizing your user experience is challenging, especially for companies new to UI and UX. The whole exercise of upgrading from the legacy system to UI/UX modernization can be cumbersome. Legacy apps lack a customer-focused interface. Legacy UI/UX applications generally overlook the importance of some important metrics like retention, traffic, and customer experience. Moreover, many legacy apps need separate training before working with them due to their complexity and inflexibility. But for businesses that have prioritized UX, the benefits are clear: a better experience for your customers will keep them coming back for more.

UI/UX Modernization: An Example

Opteamix helped a leading insurance brokerage and wealth advisory firm redesign their existing desktop-based application to a fully responsive, mobile-friendly application that made collecting data less tedious and allowed managers to improve the interaction quality with their clients. What was compelling to the client about this conversational interface was its ability to present itself as an intelligent interface and integrate smart UI into its business model.

The application enabled the customer service managers to make conversational data gathering without affecting the flow. From design to development and deployment, Opteamix worked end-to-end on this project. From digitizing the entire process to ensuring a custom interface,  our UI/UX experts streamlined the workflow for better insights. Each organizational workflow was digitized with the new user interface, helping the client deliver customer satisfaction.

  Image 1 – High-level ideation diagram of the project

Value Delivered

  • The project was delivered 1 month earlier than the anticipated delivery date.
  • The conversational and intuitive nature of the application enabled the customers to go back to any question without affecting the discussion flow.
  • Digitized workflows helped simplify the business processes of the client.
  • Improved customer engagement with a customer-first and data-driven interface that enabled consumers to provide real-time feedback to businesses.


UI/UX modernization can help you grow exponentially by meeting your customers’ expectations. At Opteamix, we understand the importance of accessibility, usability, and design to build successful products. Our team of visual experts offers path-breaking UI/UX Modernization services practice. Opteamix helps you build irresistible products that will help you convert your users into brand ambassadors and increase your engagement. Get Started with UI UX Modernization today.

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