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According to a survey by LinkedIn, around 70 % of working women in India have quit or considered leaving their jobs due to childbirth, marriage, caregiving for their family members, or health reasons. A recent NASSCOM survey noted that the representation of Indian women in the tech industry lies at 36%, so the gender divide becomes particularly evident. In short, the IT industry is running on a deficit of gender parity.

The gap in equality widens further as many women take a hiatus from work within the first five years of recruitment. The hiatus can entail multiple causes like – personal health, family responsibilities, child support, etc. During COVID-19, a survey by Deloitte found that 94% of women are apprehensive about asking flexible working arrangements as they think it will affect their promotions and well-being. This added to low assurance of health and security, resulting in many resignations and layoffs in in the past two years. Due to the lack of a workplace support system, in time, most women give up on their careers due to apprehensions about their capabilities.

At Opteamix, we look toward a future where our higher purpose of “Simplifying Greater Success” is the norm. For that to become a reality, it is only natural that we view women’s empowerment as an important part of the process. For our workplace to be grounded in respect, diversity, and equality, we believe in women’s equality in the workforce.

Many women often forgo restarting their careers due to presumed knowledge gaps in taking on certain roles or negative associations from former office interactions – low levels of trust and inclusivity, curtailed growth opportunities due to gender bias, and ‘company-centric’ policies/procedures with misplaced values.

Women 2.0 Initiative is Opteamix’s step toward ‘re-empowering’ women. Our program aims to bring intelligent and deserving women with technical backgrounds who have taken a career break into the Opteamix family by focusing on customized learning interventions, upskilling, mentorship, etc.

This initiative is a gateway for women to regain self-authority, increase self-confidence and have financial independence, especially in the aftershock of the pandemic. Our selection interview for the women focuses on their aptitude to work, skills they must be coached on, and their flexibility to learn for their role. Opteamix ensures role-based training, flexible work hours, and conducive workplace culture for interested women to explore their true potential.

As a woman leader, I believe our initiative’s purpose is to give women the platform for self-fulfillment and empowerment. We do this by assuring them a positive and supportive workspace with ample growth opportunities. We ensure that they are given time to adjust to their role, have clear lines of communication, and are comfortable enough to feel a sense of belonging. Returning to a career may seem daunting, but with our support, it will be an enjoyable experience.

If you are a woman with a background in technology looking for a fresh career start, Opteamix is here for you! Email us at women2.0@opteamix.com with your portfolios. Get to know how our culture thrives with employee happiness here.

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