Varsha Dubey Represents Opteamix at World HRD Congress



As part of our commitment towards our Higher Purpose, our employee well-being team who are focused exclusively on employee happiness, well-being, growth, and resilience are constantly investigating what predictors are most indicative of success – and it is no surprise that ‘happiness’ shows up very often as the most prolific predictor of all. Armed with this information, we set out to ensure ‘happiness at work’ for all Opteamizers – made possible through an amalgamation of four anchors that illustrate how we derive happiness at Opteamix. You can read more about the theory behind our efforts here.

While we believe we have cracked the formula for happiness at work as demonstrated by our set indicators, we also realize the need to publish our findings and take our ship to sea. Our head of employee well-being, Varsha Dubey, was recently invited to speak on how we do it in real life and the success we have achieved from this formula at the 31st edition of the World HRD (WHRD) Congress in Mumbai, India on February 16th, 2023. During the event, Varsha was awarded as one of the “Top 50 most Fabulous Happiness Leaders” and one of the “Top 251 Most Talented HR Leaders”. In addition, she was also called upon as a jury member to evaluate the presentation skills of students from top business schools.

The World HRD Congress is one of the largest platforms for HR professionals covering various HRM and HRD issues at a global level. It brings together thousands of professionals in attendance from over 133 countries focusing on the elements such as HR Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, and women leaders in HR.

This year, the focus was on ‘Navigating the new world of work’ wherein Varsha spoke on “Happiness at Workplace; Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness,” stating that happiness at work is not only about individual actions or stress management – it’s about kindness, being human and leading with empathy.

At Opteamix, we make sure that kindness runs through every vein of the organization, and we do this by hiring people based on the ‘Opteamix Persona’ which includes kindness as one of its aspects. Doing this means that our people can collaborate and work together enthusiastically and harmoniously towards achieving our vision of ‘shaping a brighter tomorrow by reimagining technology now’. Ultimately, all these actions help employees perform at a higher level – leading the whole company to higher profits and greater achievements.

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